Our Charges

The Basic Principles

At Osuna Consulting we recognise that no client - whether a private individual or a business - has money to waste. We minimise our charges by being specialists and by the sensible use of modern technology.

We aim to provide cost effective solutions to your legal items.

We operate an open and simple system of charging for our work.

Whenever possible we offer you a fixed fee for dealing with the whole of your case. This fee will only be revised if the nature of the work changes substantially - for example, if we discover title problems when dealing with the purchase of a property and you decide to continue with the purchase and ask us to fix the problems before you do so.

Often it will not be possible, at the outset, to quote a fixed fee for the whole of your case. If this is so then we will try to give you a fixed fee for carrying out a preliminary investigation into the case. At the end of that investigation we will advise you generally about the case and the likely cost and timescale involved in dealing with it.

Our fees are subject to VAT.

In addition to our charges you will have to pay for any expenses we incur on your behalf, including the fees of any overseas lawyers or notaries involved in the case. We will give you an estimate of these expenses as soon as possible after we begin work on the case.

We usually require a payment on account of our fees and expenses.

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