Our Wills service include, Drafting the content of the will and reviewing it with you prior to signing , Signing the will before a notary and Advice and management of Spanish inheritance tax. At Osuna Consulting we want to keep your peace of mind and the peace of mind of all your family. We can maybe deal co-validating your will, but make everything more complex In the case there is no Will, we can make intestacy procedure, which is more complex in Spain, but always we can represent you in the courts for inheritance claims. Having Spanish wills, make things easier in the case that something happens to you.

In Andalucía the inheritance taxes calculation depends of 3 variables:

- Relationship between decease and beneficiary.

- Value of inheritance goods.

- Wealth taxes paid in advance for the beneficiary.

Depending of that variables, you will have a discount in the percentages to pay, the general percentages are:

We will study carefully your case and we will give you a quotation about the taxes that you will have to pay and our fees involved on it.


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